Sedex Conference Speakers and Sponsors

The Sedex Conference is the largest responsible sourcing conference in London, bringing together over 700 business leaders, CEOs, practitioners and government representatives.

This year’s theme is “From outputs to outcomes – Raising the bar in responsible sourcing”, and throughout the two days we will challenge ourselves to be leaders in ethical trade – exploring key areas of supply chain sustainability to critically evaluate responsible business practices, systems and industry trends. Click here for more information on the conference tickets and agenda.

The Sedex Conference owes a huge gratitude to the many speakers and sponsors who so kindly support our event to make it one of Europe’s premier responsible sourcing conferences.


CSR Solutions Limited - Lunch Sponsors

CSR Solutions Limited (“CSR Solutions”) was registered in Hong Kong as a global and independent Auditing Company in 2001. CSR Solutions Limited was founded by a very experienced and skilled audit team who have worked in a famous international certification body with more than 20 years quality and social compliance audit experiences.

CSR Solutions Limited is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity in the conduct of its business throughout the world. We have documented a Company Procedure on Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption which applies to all officers and employees throughout the world. This procedure establishes the methods used for preventing bribery during social compliance audit activities.

Asia Inspection - Drinks Sponsor

Asia Inspection (AI) is a global leading quality control and compliance service provider that partners with brands, retailers and importers around the world to secure, manage and optimize their global supply chain. AI performs Supplier Audit Programs, Product Inspections, and Lab Testing. Clients from over 120 countries worldwide benefit from web-based mobile friendly account management, fast scheduling, and highly competitive all-inclusive pricing.

Partner Africa - Programme Sponsor

Partner Africa is a leading not-for-profit social enterprise and a pioneer in the field of ethical and socially responsible business practice. We work in partnership to deliver high quality and innovative Ethical Trade Services and Trade Development Projects across Africa and the Near East.

Partner Africa has experience across 42 African and Near East countries, providing ethical audits, training, trade development projects and consultancy services for international brands and retailers, local suppliers, producers and small holder farmers, as well as governments, NGOs and Trade Organisations. We are driven by a social mission to improve the livelihoods of workers and producers, while assisting access to international supply chains, by bridging the skills and standards gap between Africa and the international community.

ALGI - Exhibitor

ALGI, a pioneering institution in the field of social compliance, has built a reputation founded on solid pillars of integrity, transparency and quality.  We take pride in providing specialized services to our partners, and making a contribution with measurable impact with regard to critical social standards in the supply chain worldwide.

ALGI is committed to providing long term support to our clients by combining experience, knowledge, and attitude, with a focus on clients’ needs and socially responsible strategies and solutions.  Our services focus on the improvement of our client awareness and understanding of the various laws and codes of conduct that regulate social sustainability, human rights and labor standards within their industry and their countries.

ALGI, partnering with you to build a sustainable, ethical culture, and strengthening the foundation of your business.

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