Sedex China Conference 2018

Following the announcement of the annual Sedex Conference 2018 in the UK, we are delighted to announce the Sedex China Responsible Supply Chain Conference taking place on May 15th, 2018 in Guangzhou, China. On day two of the event we will host a training session on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


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The Sedex Conference 2018 is our largest annual gathering, bringing together hundreds of Sedex members from across the globe, as well as various industries and leaders in the field of sustainable development to meet face-to-face, share ideas and learn about the issues that matter to every responsible business.

To ensure our members in the Asia Pacific region have a localised event, we hold a responsible supply chain conference in China every year.

We would like to invite you to the Sedex China Responsible Supply Chain Conference 2018, which will take place at CONRAD Hotel in GUANGZHOU on 15th May 2018, and the next day will host a training on CSR.



This year’s theme is ‘The Green and Sustainable Supply Chain’.

Nowadays, numerous brands and retailers have become facilitators of sustainable supply chains, they pay attention to the selection of suppliers with environmental capability an important criteria for evaluating suppliers. In recent years, the Chinese government has made its commitment to the development of environmental protection. Furthermore, a series of laws and regulations have been implemented, which has strengthened their stance.

The conference will discuss issues related to how to make a supply chain sustainable and we hope that every one of you will come away with practical solutions for this market.



Are all the aspects of the audit clear when you are preparing for a SMETA audit?

Do you have any confusion about which non-compliances should be prioritised after the audit?

The CSR training held on the second day will help you to understand the severity level of common problems in SMETA 6.0, so that you can better prepare and respond to the findings of a SMETA audit.


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Do you have an example of how you have practiced a ‘green and sustainable supply chain’ within your organisation? Or perhaps other related stories you’d like to share with other conference attendees?

We are always looking to give our members the chance to share their experiences and learn from one another at the conference. If you are interested in speaking at or sponsoring the conference, please contact us.

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Sedex China Tel: +86-21-80311666



More speakers to be announced in the run-up to the conference.

Jonathan Ivelaw-Chapman, CEO, Sedex

As CEO of Sedex Group, Jonathan has overall responsibility for ensuring that Sedex sets and achieves its strategic objectives, with a clear view to meeting the needs of Sedex members worldwide. He works closely with the Sedex board as well as with the senior leadership team within Sedex to maintain the organisation’s position as the leading ethical and sustainable procurement solution for forward-thinking companies. He has considerable experience of working with businesses at different stages of the supply chain. He is an expert in corporate technology, large scale data analytics, and operational general management, and has worked across a number of industries and vertical markets in his varied career in supply chain management.

Roland Qin, Responsible Sourcing Manager – Asia Pacific, Mars

Roland is Responsible Sourcing Manger, APAC in MARS, the leading food company of the world; he is in charge of this cross-segments program to manage all direct sourcing and package suppliers in the region. Prior to joining MARS, Roland severed for Novartis A.G., the Swiss pharma maker, leading its Group Responsible Procurement program in East and Southeast Asia; With over 10 years solid experience on responsible sourcing and supply chain sustainability, he took various roles in audit firm, retailer and consultancy in Asia Pacific, successfully developed and launched several global projects on labor rights and environments topics.

Toiny Pang, Technical Sustainability Manager, Marks and Spencer Group

Toiny is technical sustainability manager in Marks and Spencer Group, leading Environmental and Chemical Policy (ECP) across their global supply chain under the umbrella of PLAN A. He has been instrumental in the development to internal auditing tools and environmental compliance systems as well as supplier grading system. He works closely together with Non-Government Organization (NGO) as well as Institute of Public Environmental Affairs in China and Greenpeace with M&S cooperate team. Toiny also drives strategic direction, through the engagement with international standards as well as Low Carbon Manufacturing Program (LCMP), Bluesign and Higg Index with Sustainable apparel coalition (SAC), working alongside other brands on Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Detox Project.

Albert Li, General Manager of Integrated Management Department and Quality Management Department, Leo Paper Group

MR. Albert Lee, is the General Manager of Integrated Management Department and Quality Management Department of Leo Paper Group, who is responsible for setting up different management systems for the group, and for ensuring the quality of the whole supply chain. Mr. Lee has worked in Leo Paper Group since 1998. Before joining Leo, he had worked as Quality Engineer of Swire Group and Quality Manager of Tomei Industrial Group.

Lydia Shi, Senior Consultant, Environmental Management Division of the Hong Kong Productivity Council

Lydia is the Senior Consultant of the Environmental Management Division of the Hong Kong Productivity Council. She has over 20 years’ practical experience in managing environmental management studies and stakeholders’ consultation for Government, public sector and private organizations. Lydia is a key member in implementing the Cleaner Production Partnership Scheme since its inception in 2008. This Programme is funded by the Hong Kong Government and aims to encourage and facilitate Hong Kong-owned factories in both Hong Kong and Guangdong Province to adopt cleaner production technologies and practices, thereby contributing to the improvement of the regional environment, in particular air quality. Lydia has been acting as the Programme Manager since 2015.

Rainfall Wu, Managing Director, Extensive Standard Technical Services Co., Ltd.

Mr. Rainfall Wu, has engaged in CSR field for more than 19 years, with successive working experiences in international audit companies & brand company and successive posts of auditor, trainer, technical supervisor, operation manager and business manager. Winning a good reputation in the field, Rainfall is very familiar with operation procedures of audit companies and now is the Managing Director of ESTS (Extensive Standard Technical Services Co., Ltd.), a global audit company.

Zizhong Liu, Professor, Ministry of Environmental Protection of P.R.C

Ms. Ye Weili is currently working in the Environmental Planning Academy of Ministry of Environmental Protection of P.R.C. She has been engaged in environmental economic policy, fixed pollution source environmental management policy, environmental control policy research, planning and technical method research. Major research areas and related projects include the followings: (1) Study and track the paid use and trading policy of pollutant discharge right in the environmental economic field. (2) In the field of fixed pollution source management discharge permit management system and key technology research, participate in national level from 2015 to 2016 of the top design, the system of tradable permits as a national paper industry blowdown license application and issuance of technical specification of the lead person. (3) Carry out continuous research on the technical policy of total emission reduction in the field of environmental control. The technical policy research on the total emission reduction of key industrial sectors is jointly carried out with industry associations such as papermaking, printing & dyeing and leather.

Vivian Deng, Technical Supervisor, Extensive Standard Technical Services Co., Ltd.

Via more than 10 years’ working in the international audit companies and brands, Ms. Vivian Deng has accumulated rich experience in social compliance auditing, training and supplier compliance. Vivian is quite familiar with many social compliance programs and brands’ specific requirements on suppliers and has professional knowledge on elaborating the Labor Law and EMS auditing. And now she is the Technical Supervisor of ESTS (Extensive Standard Technical Services Co., Ltd.), a global audit company.

Todd Zhang, Greater China Area EHS Technical Project Manager, TUV Rheinland

Mr. Todd Zhang is an accredited National Certified Safety Engineer as well as Safety Evaluation Engineer now. Todd acts as the EHS Technical Project Manager in TUV Rheinland now and is responsible for the whole TUV Rheinland Greater China area. He takes the main responsibility of the whole process of EHS projects, including planning, preparing, training, auditing and reporting etc. and has been auditing/ training for more than 500 enterprises in various of industries, including but limited to electronics, machinery, chemical, plastics, logistics and so on.

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