Sedex Australia Conference 2019

Sedex is proud to announce our annual conference for 2019 in partnership with KPMG Banarra, to be held in Melbourne on 31st October.

Join us for a full day of interactive content suitable for organisations at all stages of their responsible sourcing journey. The focus will be on practical insights from leaders and industry professionals through keynotes, interactive seminars and networking sessions.


The conference will focus on several key responsible sourcing themes, providing practical insights relevant to organisations at any stage of their responsible sourcing journey.


  • Plenary sessions by thought leaders and industry practitioners
  • Keynote by Richard Boele, KPMG Partner for Human Rights & Social Impact Services
  • Breakout sessions offering either a theoretical stream, or practical skills stream
  • Networking opportunities

Plenary Sessions

‘Sedex – The next five years’

Hear from Dan Murray, Commercial Director of Sedex, as he maps out Sedex’s ambitious road map to further support a more sustainable collaborative supply chain. Learn about upcoming tools such as Sedex Analytics, the refresh of SAQs and SMETA.

Keynote: ‘Going beyond compliance to make a true impact in your supply chain’

The keynote will be delivery by Richard Boele, KPMG Partner for Human Rights & Social Impact Services. Richard will define the concept of “beyond compliance”, and explore how organisations can make a true impact in their supply chain.

‘Modern day slavery statements – core concepts and misunderstandings’

This session will shed new light on modern day slavery statements within the context of human rights, and seek to provide guidance on the issue to prevent misunderstanding within organisations.

‘Who watches the watchers?’ – understanding audit risks

This keynote by APSCA President, Rona Starr, will explore audit quality, including the challenges and risks within the audit process.

Breakout Sessions

Theory streams

‘Addressing forced labour and responsible recruitment’

A workshop exploring methodologies to effectively identify and address forced labour. Attend this session to share insights and discuss responsible recruiting, the use of contractors, and the process of implementing effective programs.

‘Trust and transparency – whistle blowers and worker voice’

This session will focus on the challenges in identifying labour violations through whistle blowers and the importance of worker voice.

Practical streams

‘Making the Sustainable Development Goals business goals’

A practical skills session on implementing the United Nations’ Sustainable Business Goals using Sedex’s suite of risk assessment tools, audits, and approaches to supply chain management.

‘Supply chain practicum’

In this session, we will share a hypothetical “worked example” that condenses two years of supply chain interaction into 30 minutes. This session follows an organisation’s supply chain visibility efforts involving multiple stakeholders, starting with policy implementation through to risk assessment and audit. During the session, we will identify and remediate a suspected case of modern-day slavery, environment and ethics violations.


We will update this page in the near future when ticket sales go live. In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact Alexander Walrut, Head of Office, Australia.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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