Sedex Stakeholder Forum

The Sedex Stakeholder Forum brings together leaders from across the ethical trade and responsible sourcing industry to discuss the challenges they face and solve those problems collaboratively. It is also home to SMETA, one of the world’s most widely used audit formats.

The SSF was previously known as the the Associate Auditor Groups / AAG.

The SSF working groups

The SSF is made up of working groups which include brands and retailers, NGOs, industry experts/associations and monitoring firms that are significantly involved in ethical trade auditing. It is currently active in the UK, China and Latin America.

The SSF working groups operate collaboratively to develop ‘fit for purpose’ responsible sourcing content and methodologies. These are designed for all users and impacted people (Sedex members, non-members, workers and their communities) with the aim of improving business performance and workers’ lives.

The working groups also provide guidance and direction to Sedex staff, to help them develop the products and services which will most benefit Sedex members.

Upcoming Sedex Stakeholder Forum

The next meeting of the biannual Sedex Stakeholder Forum will be taking place in October. More details will be announced in the coming months.

List of SSF audit company members

* Member of regional SSF (China) only

Being a member of the SSF does not affirm the competencies of, or certify, auditors. Sedex does not approve auditors or audit bodies.

Sedex will accept audits from all auditors and we believe it is the right and responsibility of our members, purchasers and suppliers to decide and agree which auditors they will use.

How do I join the SSF?

To apply for Sedex Stakeholder Forum membership please complete the application form and return to Participation in working groups is a condition of SSF membership. Read the SSF Terms of Reference.

The annual fee for SSF membership is based on company turnover:

Group turnover Annual fee
>£250 million £7,200
£10-250 million* £2,940
£5-10 million* £720
<£5 million* £360

* NGOs: income rather than turnover

What are the benefits of being a member of the SSF?

Members of the SSF benefit from:

  • A chance to shape the future of ethical auditing and contribute to future versions of SMETA
  • Recognition by the global community of Sedex members as helping to drive convergence and best practice in auditing
  • Permanent log-in facilities and a pre-populated email address on Sedex Advance, making it easier for a supplier to select you as their chosen auditor
  • Access to Supplier (B) member self-assessment data, once you have been nominated as an audit partner of that member
  • Access to non-compliance and other data relating to audit reports uploaded by your own company
  • Listed on the Sedex website

Please note that Sedex does not certify or accredit auditors/audit companies and being a member of the SSF does not infer any increased competence.

Can I use Sedex without being a member of the SSF?

Yes, you do not need to be a member of the SSF in order to perform, or upload a SMETA audit or any other kind of audit onto Sedex Advance. We encourage all auditors to use the system. See our Auditors page for more information on how to use Sedex as an Independent Auditor or as a member of the Audit Company Group.