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Your challenge

While our Sedex Advance platform is easy to use, sometimes it can be helpful to have guidance for a specific task. This is especially the case when you have a large or changing team, who may have less experience in using the platform.

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Our solution

The Sedex Knowledge Hub is designed to help our members get the most out of their Sedex membership and our platform, Sedex Advance. It was developed by our in-house Sedex training team after talking with many members about how we can best support them.

You can dip into the Knowledge Hub for help completing a single task, or use it as a more in-depth training resource for new team members. Either way, support is easy to access, engaging and effective.


What it offers

The Knowledge Hub can help you in a number of ways:

Training courses

These interactive modules include video tutorials and short quizzes to test your knowledge. Courses range from 3-10 minutes in length and cover topics including:

  • Paying for your Sedex account
  • Setting up your account details and linking to customers
  • Completing your SAQ
  • Audits
  • Running reports

Modules are also available for auditors on uploading audits and reviewing corrective actions.

Supplier Workbook e-learning modules

These new e-learning modules have been designed to help suppliers learn about key responsible business practices. They target the most common non-compliances found at audit (according to data stored on the Sedex system) and build on content from the Sedex Supplier Workbook.

The development of the modules has been funded by the sustainable trade initiative IDH as part of the Sustainability Initiative fruits and vegetables program (SIFAV2020). There are four modules in the series:

  • Labour management systems
  • Regular employment
  • Health and safety management systems
  • Hazardous materials

The modules are also freely available on the Sedex Supplier Workbook page.

Sedex Advance guides

Get handy tips with these short guides on how to navigate and use the Sedex Advance system. Over 30 guides are available covering a wide range of topics for buyers, suppliers and auditors.


Not sure what a word or phrase means? Our glossary gives you definitions for a number of words commonly used in the Sedex system and in responsible sourcing more generally. Useful for those new to the industry and non-native English speakers.


The SMETA section of the Knowledge Hub contains the documents that make up SMETA:

  • Best Practice Guidance
  • Measurement Criteria
  • The SMETA Report
  • The SMETA corrective action plan format

It also contains additional guides for auditors and suppliers, plus SMETA materials in Mandarin and Spanish.

More information

The Knowledge Hub is available only to Sedex members and can be accessed by logging in to Sedex Advance and clicking on the ‘Help’ link or ‘i’ tooltips at the top of each page.

We also offer a variety of in-person and online training sessions to help our members get the most from their Sedex membership.


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