Sedex e-Learning

Sedex e-Learning is a new platform giving all Sedex members access to a wide range of sustainability resources and training modules to support their responsible sourcing strategy. This includes new training videos for Sedex Advance, the SMETA suite of tools, and additional resources for corporate social responsibility programmes.


Your challenge

Increasing your employees’ knowledge of sustainability, understanding priority areas of responsible sourcing and preparing for site audits can be complex and overwhelming. Knowing where to start on your responsible sourcing journey, what resources are required and how to prioritise areas for improvement puts pressure on your business. We understand that addressing these aspects takes up time and resources, which you may need for other areas of work.

Our solution

Sedex e-Learning is an easy to use platform that provides you with educational tools and resources in one central location. The platform gives you access to a range of sustainability resources and training modules, supporting you to prepare for a site audit and better understand customer needs.

You can easily access Sedex e-Learning through your member account anywhere at any time. This provides flexible learning for your organisation, supporting you to take a holistic approach to your corporate social responsibility planning. The tool is accessible to all members through Sedex Advance and replaces the Knowledge Hub.


e-Learning Features

The new e-Learning platform can help you in a number of ways:

18 modules covering health and safety, labour standards and environment.

40 videos about the Sedex Advance functionalities and SMETA suite of tools.

Offers different languages including English, Chinese and Spanish, with Portuguese coming soon.

Access to new and existing training modules for sustainability resources, and guidance for using Sedex Advance and SMETA.

Sign posts in Sedex Advance guide you to relevant training modules so resources are easy to find and accessible through your member account.

e-Learning Benefits

  • Develops your employees’ knowledge of corporate social responsibility and shows what courses have been reviewed, completed and helpful.
  • Supports you to know how to prepare for audits and understand what your customer or supplier expectations may be.
  • Saves you time and resources having all your relevant learning resources in a central location.
    Offers mobile, personalised and self-paced content at your time of need, allowing you to choose the content relevant to your business.
  • Offers convenience and flexibility with resources being available anywhere at any time.
  • Accessible to all staff members with access to Sedex Advance.
  • Demonstrates how to engage with buyers or suppliers and how to best use Sedex tools to support this.


To find out more about this tool please contact the Sedex training team at If you’re not yet a Sedex member and would like to find out more, please email us at or call us on +44 (0)203 893 8318.

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