Supplier Plus

Supplier Plus is an add-on for Supplier Members who would like to add more benefits to their membership, invest in their business and further improve their business’ ethical performance.

Supplier Plus can be added onto the Supplier Membership for an extra £150 (¥1800) per year per site. Supplier Plus complements the existing benefits of Supplier Membership including access to Sedex Advance, e-Learning, Member Directory, Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and 24-hour member services support. You will need to have opted into the Sedex Member Directory, in order to access the benefits of Supplier Plus.


Supplier Plus gives suppliers:

  • A Health Check Report providing an informative overview of site or company level data and business performance in the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), SMETA audits and e-Learning courses
  • Industry benchmarking and an inherent risk score offering an expert assessment of how your business compares against other suppliers in your industry or country based on your site data across labour, health and safety, business ethics and environment
  • Understanding of how the business is managing risk and how to self-improve site performance through e-learning
  • Advanced access to the Member Directory and the ability to see members viewing their profile, helping to create new networking opportunities.
  • Direct links to expert guidance and e-learning to drill down on issues, track and improve business performance.

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The Supplier Health Check Report gives you:

  • A personalised assessment of your site’s ethical performance and what your customers see
  • An easy to read assessment available with the latest data, accessible via their Member Directory profile
  • You can easily share the report with customers and with potential new customers, showcasing your performance and sustainability
  • Links in directly to e-Learning courses and guidance that will support your business to self-improve, track and monitor performance
  • Helps understand how to benchmark against competitors and businesses in your industry or country to help better understand risks.

Advanced access to Member Directory will help you:

  • Know the customers viewing your profile and how often to help understand their requirements, providing opportunities for conversations with new customers.
  • Be able to benchmark your profile views against peers (Country or Product Area) to compare and understand performance.
  • Create new business opportunities through this easy to use networking tool.
  • Share the Health Check Report with customers and upload this onto your profile to showcase your performance, learning progress and sustainability credentials.


You can learn more about Supplier Plus on our website or join one of our upcoming training sessions:

Add Supplier Plus onto my Supplier Membership

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