Risk Assessment Tool

Our Supply Chain Risk Management offering includes the Risk Assessment Tool and Pre-Screening Service.


Your challenge

We know that trying to identify and manage risk in your supply chain can be a tricky and time consuming task. Particularly with larger supply chains, it’s difficult to know where to start, and where to continue to focus your resources.

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Our solution

The Sedex Risk Assessment Tool gives you a clear indication of the likelihood of risks occurring in your supply chain. Each of your suppliers’ sites of employment is given a risk rating of low, medium, or high. How you interpret this rating is up to you, but many of our members use it to help identify and ultimately mitigate risk by engaging with the sites within their supply chain that need the most support. For a downloadable information sheet on how our Risk Assessment Tool can benefit your business please click here.


The risk rating is based on a combination of two factors:

  • “Inherent” risk: based on country, product area, sector profile and site function
  • Management proficiency risk: based on data from the Sedex Self-Assessment Questionnaire


logo_maplecroft_verisk_darkThe Risk Assessment Tool draws on intelligence from global risk experts Verisk Maplecroft to deliver in-depth analysis. This information covers hundreds of risk indices, using thousands of indicators. Verisk Maplecroft continually monitors the latest risk issues and this knowledge is fed back into the Risk Assessment Tool on a regular basis, ensuring that risk ratings stay relevant and useful.



  • Saves you time and enables you to target resources effectively
  • Helps you decide which suppliers to focus on supporting
  • Informed by up-to-date risk data from Verisk Maplecroft
  • Free to access after training


Screen prospective suppliers

The Risk Assessment Tool offers a “pre-screening function” which can help you assess the risk level of a potential supplier. You input the country, product sector and site function of the prospective supplier. The pre-screen function will then determine a risk rating of low, medium or high. This is useful when deciding which suppliers to source from or understanding the level of support a potential supplier may need.


More information

This Risk Assessment Tool, including the pre-screen function, is freely available to our Buyer (A) and Buyer/Supplier (AB) members, once they have completed training on how to use the Tool. To find out more, view training dates and book a place, see the Sedex Buyer Training page.

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