Sedex API Service

Your challenge

Rich, complete data sets can be a powerful tool to help you analyse your value chain and benchmark your suppliers. But when data is split across platforms or databases, it can be difficult to get a holistic view which includes ethical supply chain data. You need a simple, flexible way of exchanging data between platforms to get strategic insight for your business.

Our solution

We developed Sedex Advance to be open to external applications, so we can offer you the Sedex API Service. The service allows external applications to access a large portion of the data within Sedex Advance.

You can combine ethical, quality, financial and environmental data, either extracting the information you need from Sedex Advance, or bringing all your data sets into our secure platform. This gives you an inclusive, powerful view of many different elements in your value chain.


Microservices architecture: powered by APIs

Sedex Advance is built using microservices architecture: a suite of small, independently deployable, modular services which allow all parts of the system to autonomously interact with the platform. All our microservices are linked by APIs – they are built into the very fabric of Sedex Advance. This structure allows us to evolve Sedex Advance quickly and nimbly to meet our members’ needs, scaling up as our membership continues to grow.


Sedex API Service provides

Bespoke end point development

Documentation: methodology following industry standards to access the relevant end points

A test environment to access Sedex Advance services and data, prior to connecting to the production environment

API key to securely identify the application and its privileges

Restful API code base

JSON and XML data format

API solution examples:

  • Reporting: export data and reporting
  • 3rd party validation: to enquire on the membership existence and status of a supplier, along with some basic information
  • Advance: to give access to your Sedex data from your own servers
  • Formatted data: extract data, apply your own calculations and attributes, aggregate fields, etc. before exporting data to your systems
  • Real time: Update your systems with real time data several times per day when necessary


We also offer these additional services as part of the API services:

  • Architecture consulting
  • Development and support


Keeping your data secure

  • All Sedex data resides on encrypted storage
  • All communications are encrypted using HTTPS, via SSL
  • Access to data is role-based, so users can only see/access the data that is assigned to them. This includes data securely accessed via an API
  • Application and data servers are optimised globally with stringent physical and IT security in place
  • We independently test our IT security infrastructure on a regular basis


More information

For more information on how Sedex API Service can help you get a holistic view of your ethical supply chain data, contact Christine Felton in our technical sales department:

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