Supplier membership

Do you need to share data on the responsible practices of your business? Do you want to spend less time completing forms and more time creating value?

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Join Sedex as a Supplier (B) member and you can cut down the duplication and make it simpler to share information with your customers. Our members make their data available to multiple buyers, in an industry-standard format that makes sense to everyone.


Our services can help you manage data on:

  • Labour standards
  • Health and safety
  • The environment
  • Business ethics


Sedex Advance

Sedex Advance is our secure, easy-to-use online platform for managing and sharing your data. With Sedex Advance, you can:

  • Complete the Sedex Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), the first step in measuring your own performance
  • Upload and store audits, certificates and corrective action plans
  • Request an audit of responsible business at your site
  • Share your information with multiple customers


Guidance and knowledge

As a member of Sedex, you also gain access to best-practice guidance, advice and updates to enable you to improve your business practices further.

Our services are used by tens of thousands of supplier members around the world, making it simpler to connect, share and do responsible business.

Would you like to become a member of Sedex? Find out how to register here.


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