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Auditing against ethical standards is recognised as one of the fundamental practices of responsible, global business.

For over ten years Sedex has enabled auditors to develop best-practice processes for conducting audits, and created a way for the resulting data to be stored, shared and acted on through the value chain.

We bring together the group who created and maintain SMETA, the ethical auditing methodology that’s become an industry standard across the world. This group is known as the SSF (Sedex Stakeholders Forum).

And we deliver Sedex Advance, the platform used by hundreds of ethical trade auditors to store report data.


Membership options for auditors

Auditors do not need to be Sedex members in order to complete SMETA audits. However, many choose to become a member of Sedex in order to access Sedex Advance for additional benefits.

There are three ways an auditor can use the Sedex system:

Audit Company Group

Audit Company Group members can access greater functionality on the Sedex Advance system, allowing their auditors to manage data from multiple locations in one account.


Members of the Audit Company Group receive the following benefits:

  • Permanent login facilities to Sedex
  • Pre-populated email address on the Sedex system, making it easier for a supplier to select you as their chosen auditor
  • Access to member self-assessment data, once you have been nominated as an audit partner of that member
  • Access to non-compliance and other data relating to audit reports uploaded by your own company
  • Central view of your own audit company’s audit data


Sedex Stakeholder Forum

Please go to the Sedex Stakeholder Forum page for more information on how to join the SSF.

Independent Auditor

Independent auditors can register to use the Sedex Advance system for free, to upload and manage audits that they have conducted.

To use the Sedex system, an independent auditor needs to contact the Sedex Helpdesk in order to set up an account under their name and email address. Once that has been done, the site which is commissioning the audit will need to send an audit upload request to the newly created Independent Auditor account.

Note: Independent Auditors do not pay a membership fee so you will not have access to Sedex Member benefits including discounted Sedex Conference tickets.



Independent Auditors receive the following benefits:

  • Permanent login facilities to Sedex Advance (once registered)
  • Access to member self-assessment information, once nominated as an auditor of that member
  • Access to non-compliance and other data relating to audit reports uploaded by you
  • Search function will help suppliers to find your details

List of audit companies using Sedex Advance

Currently, the following audit companies are users of Sedex:

  • ABS Quality Evaluations Inc.*
  • Accordia*
  • ACTE International
  • AJA Bangladesh
  • ALGI*
  • API Audit Limited
  • AsiaInspection (AI)*
  • B2bsustainable
  • Benchmarks Ltd*
  • BSI Group
  • Bureau Veritas*
  • Centre Testing International Corporation*
  • Control Union Certifications
  • CSR Solutions*
  • DNV GL*
  • Elevate*
  • Extensive Standard Technical Services Co. Ltd.*
  • FLO-Cert
  • FSSI Certification
  • Globalgroup Certification Limited*
  • Hong Kong Q.C. Center
  • International Compliance Group
  • Intertek*
  • IQC
  • IQ Net Ltd
  • KSSA*
  • Leverage Limited*
  • LRQA
  • LSQA*
  • Partner Africa (formerly Africa Now)*
  • Primus Auditing Ops*
  • PwC Australia
  • Q-Inspect
  • Reassurance Network*
  • RINA*
  • SGS*
  • SIPAS CR – Peru*
  • SMT Global*
  • TUV Nord Cert
  • TÜV Rheinland*
  • TÜV SÜD*
  • UL – Responsible Sourcing Inc.*
  • URS Verification
  • Verisio*
  • Wieta*

*Active Sedex Stakeholder Forum member

Please note that Sedex does not accredit or check the competency of auditors. Sedex accepts data from all auditors and we believe it is the right and responsibility of our members to decide and agree which auditors they use.

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