Sedex and KPMG Australia announce strategic alliance

Sedex and KPMG Australia to boost sustainable supply chains in Australia. The new strategic alliance will support Australian businesses managing responsible and ethical sourcing risks.


Sedex, the leading non-profit organisation dedicated to improving global supply chains, and KPMG Australia, a professional services firm with a specialist responsible and ethical sourcing service, announce a strategic alliance. The alliance will see both organisations work together to explore mutually beneficial opportunities to provide complimentary service offerings to support clients in Australia. This comes at a time in Australia when there is increasing public scrutiny of how supply chains are being managed, especially in relation to labour practices in services such as cleaning, security guards and picking and processing in the agricultural sector.


The alliance is the result of several years of collaboration between Sedex and Banarra (an Australian human rights and social impact consultancy acquired by KPMG Australia in August 2015). The companies worked together to raise awareness of responsible sourcing issues in Australia and help companies gain greater transparency within their supply chains. Under the terms of the strategic alliance, KPMG Australia will offer support to Sedex members including:

  • Local face-to-face Sedex Advance training, including risk assessment training
  • Advice on managing ethical sourcing data
  • On-boarding suppliers to the Sedex Advance platform

As part of the alliance, both organisations are committed to fostering a collaborative environment which benefits Sedex members and pushes responsible sourcing forward in Australia. The focal point of this collaboration in 2017 will be a conference, hosted by KPMG Australia in conjunction with Sedex, in Sydney on 25th May 2017.



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