Improving awareness of your supply chain can help to mitigate risk and protect your company reputation.
To enhance your supply chain visibility, Sedex can provide you with in-depth, analytical reports that highlight trends, alert you to potential risks and help you to prioritise your resources. Our Data Services team can also produce management reports or statistical analysis that can be included in your annual review or CSR report.

Reports can include:

Alert reportsBar chart graphic showing risk

  • Audit issues about to become overdue
  • Audits requiring inspection
  • Suppliers about to lapse

KPI reports

  • KPI breakdown (no. of suppliers, sites linked, audits visible, outstanding non-compliances)
  • % SAQ completion per site

Non-compliance analysis reports

  • Non-compliance issues by type
  • Non-compliance issues by continent
  • Outstanding non-compliance issues

For more information on our customised reporting services please contact your Account Manager.

Please note that customised reporting is only suitable for A and AB members.