Our products and services help you get the most from your Sedex membership.

All Sedex members

  • Training: We offer a variety of training sessions to help you to use the Sedex system to its full potential.

A (Buyer) & AB (Buyer/Supplier) members only

Business in South East Asia

Get the most from your membership with additional member services

  • Code of Conduct Acceptance Programme: This programme will help you to effectively communicate your code of conduct to your suppliers and accurately track supplier responses.
  • Supplier Pre-Screening: The Sedex Pre-Screening Service can help you determine which of your suppliers should be included in your initial supplier engagement programme, allowing you to effectively focus your efforts and prioritise resources.
  • Supplier Engagement: Our team of Sedex system experts can encourage and support your suppliers to join Sedex; grant access to you in the Sedex system; and complete the Self Assessment Questionnaire.
  • Risk Assessment: This tool helps you to manage your supply chain data at a more sophisticated level, by offering enhanced risk mapping, benchmarking and reporting functionality.
  • Audit Management: We can encourage and support sites throughout the whole audit process – from booking the audit, to uploading and submitting corrective actions – helping you to keep your audit programme on track.
  • Customised reporting: The Sedex Data Services team can provide you with in-depth, analytical reports that highlight trends, alert you to potential risks and help you to prioritise your resources.

For more information on any of these member services please contact your Account Manager