Auditor FAQs

These questions are for auditors who wish to find out more about using the Sedex system.

For details about the different auditor types on Sedex, please visit our ‘Auditors’ page.

If you are a member and have a query about ethical audits, please take a look at our FAQs, visit our Auditing Resources page, or contact us.

How can I get accredited by Sedex to conduct SMETA audits and upload them onto the Sedex system?

Sedex does not accredit or certify auditors. Any auditor can use SMETA and upload it onto Sedex – currently, more than 1400 auditors have used the system. The only requirement is that the supplier enters the email address of their chosen auditor on to the Sedex system. This allows the auditor to access the system via an email which is automatically sent to the auditor’s inbox.

What about Associate Auditor Group (AAG) membership ?

Membership of the AAG does not imply any increased competence of the audit company/auditor. The main function of the AAG is to drive best practice in social auditing and SMETA specifically.  There is an annual membership cost (based on turnover) and, in return for the work they do, AAG members are named on the website. AAG members also have access to additional features in the Sedex system.

How else can auditors become members of Sedex ?

You do not have to be an auditor member of Sedex in order to complete a SMETA audit and/or upload an audit onto the Sedex system. However, as the number of global auditors using the system has increased, other audit companies are interested in improving their ‘Sedex experience’ with additional features in the system. For this reason, Sedex has created an Auditor Company Group (previously the Non AAG). Membership of this group gives some extra functionality on the system.

Members of the Audit Company Group are not required to input into work streams, or to attend the twice yearly AAG meetings, and are therefore not named on the website. There is an annual membership fee for this type of membership and this is twice the fee of the AAG. Visit our ‘Auditors‘ page for more information.

Do auditors need certain qualifications to apply for membership of the AAG / Audit Company Group ?

Yes, and the AAG Terms of Reference and Requirements for Membership are available here (101 KB). The Terms of Reference for the Audit Company Group are available here. Although Sedex does not certify auditors, auditor members of both types must be able to demonstrate a specified minimum level of competence before their application can be considered.

How can an individual auditor access the system if they are not members of the AAG/Audit Company Group?

Members of the AAG/Audit Company Group are given a prepopulated email address on the Sedex system, making it easier for a supplier to select them as their chosen auditor. However, Sedex is an inclusive system and any auditor can access Sedex once the supplier has selected them as their chosen auditor and input their email address.

If you have any further questions about conducting audits for Sedex members please contact us.

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