DNV Business Assurance joins Sedex

We are pleased to announce that world leading certification body, DNV Business Assurance, has joined the Sedex Audit Company Group.

DNV logoThe Audit Company Group (ACG) was set up for audit companies who wish to gain extra functionality in the Sedex system. ACG membership will enable DNV Business Assurance (DNV) to efficiently submit results of SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) and other ethical audits to the Sedex platform.

For DNV’s clients, this means that their audit data can be easily submitted to the Sedex system, ensuring that this information  is readily available to their customers. 

“This membership allows us to respond to our customers’ diversified supply chain needs. We can now help them monitor sustainable performance in the supply chain more effectively, providing more visibility on the results of our audits,” says Luca Crisciotti, CEO of DNV Business Assurance. “By submitting supply chain audit results to the database, we help ensuring transparency and re-use of existing audit data. A manufacturer does not need to re-audit a company to qualify them as suppliers, but rather checks their status in the Sedex database.

Mr. Crisciotti adds: “Our collaboration with Sedex is an important step for the direction we are taking with supply chain activities. We intend to pursue relations with key players in the supply chain arena, underlining the growing importance of supply chain auditing for our business.”

Carmel Giblin, Sedex General Manager says “We are pleased to welcome DNV Business Assurance to the Sedex Audit Company Group. The Sedex system will enable DNV and their customers to easily share ethical audit information, helping to reduce duplication and drive improvements in global business practices.”

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