Conflict Minerals webinar

On Friday 3 August, risk analysis firm Maplecroft is holding a free webinar on ‘Conflict Minerals’ as part of its webinar series on the findings of the Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum.

This webinar will draw on the forum’s findings, as well as on Maplecroft’s extensive experience of working with extractive firms in conflict and post-conflicts zones. The webinar will provide:

  • In-depth analysis of the legal and reputational risks posed by conflict minerals to multi-national corporations (MNCs).
  • Examination of how responsible business can ensure mineral procurement does not profit armed groups in producer countries and does not provide incentives to control strategic mining areas and trading routes through violent means.
  • Exploration of additional emerging good practices which can help business identify and mitigate these risks, including through new supply-chain due diligence and traceability initiatives.

The session will provide business with both the latest risks analysis and advice on how to mitigate such risks. Participants will also be invited to share their views on how they, or other companies, have addressed this challenging issue.


The presentation will be delivered by Maplecroft director Gus Macfarlane, a noted expert on the Kimberley Process, who has conducted extensive ground-level impact-assessment and risk-management work with a wide range of diamond, gold and other extractive firms in Africa and elsewhere.


To register for this free webinar, please follow the instructions below:

Topic: Maplecroft – Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum: Conflict Minerals.
Date and Time: Friday, 3 August 2012 15:00
1. Go to:
2. Click “Register”.
3. On the registration form, enter your information and then click “Submit”.

Once the host approves your registration, you will receive a confirmation email message with instructions on how to join the event.

Over the course of 2012 Maplecroft will be holding a series of webinars detailing the key extra-financial risks affecting the global business environment – for more details please see the Maplecroft website.

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