B members

B membership is suitable for companies who wish to enter ethical information for their own site of employment and share this with their customers.

What does B membership entail?

Sedex is a web-based system providing a secure and confidential online database which allows customers and suppliers to share ethical trading data along the supply chain.

As a B member you will be able to:

  • complete a Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) regarding your ethical standards (the subjects are: Environment, Health & Safety, Business Ethics and Labour Standards)
  • upload and store audit reports, certificates and corrective action plans
  • request an ethical audit of your site
  • share your information with multiple customers

Click here to download our B member flyer.

Click here to download the Sedex membership rules (122 KB).

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Some common questions

What does it cost?

For B members there is an annual membership fee of £40.32 +vat.

Download ‘B membership fee payment options‘ (108 KB) for more information.

How do I join?

Click here to start the registration process. You will be taken to our ‘Membership options’ page to help you decide if B membership is the right option for you.

Once you have selected your membership type, you will need to complete our online registration form.

Once you have completed the online registration form you will receive an email containing your log-in details and payment instructions. For more information please see ‘How do I join?’ or download part 1 of our Supplier Guidance Pack.

What is the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)? What type of questions will I be asked?

The SAQ will ask you a variety of questions about the ethical standards at your site of employment. These questions will focus on four key areas – labour standards, health & safety, the environment and business ethics.

Does being a Sedex member mean that I’m an approved supplier?

No; Sedex is a not a standard setting body, code of conduct or certification. Being on Sedex does not mean that you have met any ethical standards or are in compliance with any code, but it does mean that you have committed to continuous improvement.

For more information on joining Sedex, please see our FAQs or contact us.