As a membership organisation, our members are our most valued asset and play a key role in the running and on-going development of Sedex.

Membership options

Sedex has 3 membership types that reflect the different levels of functionality available in the Sedex system – A membership, AB membership and B membership.

Sedex members have the flexibility to use the system in different ways and access different features, depending on their needs. Contact [email protected] regarding A & AB membership. 

More information about A membership

More information about AB membership

More information about B membership


Sedex members

Sedex membership is open to any organisation, anywhere in the world.

Global spread of Sedex members 2011

Our members span over 150 countries and many industry sectors, ranging from small independent farms to some of the world’s largest retailers and consumer brands.

Sites active on Sedex per industry sector 2011

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